Chicken Feed!

Ryan Seacrest Gets Plucked By Greedy Pal

No good deed goes unpunished for filthy-rich star!

ryan seacrest live scandals

Ryan Seacrest is rolling in bucks from “American Idol” and hosting “Live ” alongside Kelly Ripa, plus having a hit radio show and producing reality television.

And so, naturally, Ryan did the right thing and picked up the tab on a night out with pals recently — but then got his feathers totally ruffled when one brazen bro had the chutzpah to order another chicken dinner to take home!

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“Ryan couldn’t hold his tongue,” whispered a little birdie.

“Confronting the greedy guest, Ryan said, ‘What are you doing? You already ate your meal,’ but the friend just shrugged, ‘Yeah, but now I’ll have my lunch for tomorrow!’

“Ryan couldn’t believe his ears! He’s been grousing for days, complaining, ‘I don’t mind taking leftovers home — I do it all the time. But getting another extra dinner…on my dime?’”