Ryan Seacrest Ends Relationship With Girlfriend Shayna Taylor — “It’s Over!”

He only kept her around to quiet harassment scandal!

Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor Split
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American Idol host Ryan Seacrest’s relationship with longtime live-in love Shayna Taylor has hit a sour note!

Insiders told The 
National ENQUIRER Ryan, 44, has split with his 26-year-old model galpal again — and this time, it’s for good!

“It’s over,” a source spilled.

The couple briefly broke up after Ryan endured damaging sexual harassment allegations brought by his personal stylist Suzie Hardy in 2013.

The single mom charged Ryan would grind up against her while clad only in his underwear. Ryan has denied the allegations.

Despite the allegations, Ryan and Shayna reunited in 2016 and moved in together in apartments on both coasts. Insiders believed they were destined for the altar!

Others speculated he dove deeply into the relationship to protect his wholesome image.

“If America starts putting its focus on him getting married, they’ll forget all this other stuff and return to ‘Idol’ in droves!” a source said after they moved in together last summer.

But now, they have quietly gone their separate ways, according to insiders, who said enough time has passed for him to believe his connection with the public can withstand a breakup.