Prince Harry is blazing with anger after shocking new claims that he was forced to take a blood test to prove that he isn’t the son of his late mother’s lover, James Hewitt.

According to a new book by Simone Simmons called Diana: The Last Word, senior royals ordered the princess to arrange the test after she gave a sensational TV interview in November 1995 and spoke of her torrid affair with army officer Hewitt while she was married to Prince Charles.

Her confession astounded and infuriated the royal family — and left Harry and his brother Prince William in tears. According to Simmons, a 49-year old psychic who was a friend of Diana‘s, the blood was DNA tested and finally confirmed that Charles is indeed Harry’s biological father.

Harry, now 20, was just 11 years old when the scandal erupted but insiders say he is devastated that Simmons’ book has put the old suspicion in the world spotlight once again.

“Rumors that Hewitt was Harry’s father were rampant even before Diana’s TV confession,” a source in royal circles told The National Enquirer. “When Diana admitted that Hewitt had been her lover for five years, senior royals demanded answers about Harry’s parentage.

“The fact that he looked like Hewitt, with similar reddish-brown hair and facial features, aroused the suspicions of Charles himself, Harry’s grandfather, Prince Philip, and others who knew that Diana was totally obsessed with Hewitt.”

Simmons says that Harry was never told why he was being tested. She claims that his brother William was also tested.

Friends say Simmons’ allegations reduced sensitive 23-year-old William to tears. “Why can’t these people just leave my mother alone?” he pleaded. “Have they no respect?”

Writes Simmons: “Diana took [the issue] very seriously. She said, ‘It’s pretty obvious Harry is a Windsor. In coloring he’s a Spencer but he has Charles’ eyes.'”

Simmons suspects that Prince Philip ordered the tests at Kensington Palace 10 years ago but Buckingham Palace hotly denies any knowledge of them.