Boozy PRINCE HARRY in BIG trouble, Vegas style as his nude pix go viral as  Buckingham Palace goes ballistic!

The third-in-line to the British throne has been caught up in a naked photo scandal in Sin City, and the palace is in crisis mode trying to figure out how to deal with the partying bad boy.

While on a wild party weekend in Las Vegas at the Wynn Hotel and Casino, Prince Harry played a raucous game of “strip pool,” and clearly didn’t play that well since he lost all of his clothes, before a fellow party-goer snapped the photos of his naked royal bum.

His hunkiness was on display as he tried to cover up the royal jewels in one of the photos leaked on-line; another photo showed him buck naked bear hugging a girl from behind.

Prince Harry’s team at St. James Palace is “locked in meetings about how to best handle the scandal,” the UK Mail reported.

A senior royal source told the publication that he was in a private hotel suite on vacation and had expected a “reasonable degree of privacy,” and that the hard partying Prince “has always been exuberant and it’s just the way he lets off steam.”

As a member of the British military he could potentially face a meeting with his supervisors, as the rules of conduct say that “social misbehavior” is not acceptable.

Prince Harry was accompanied on the trip by at least two Scotland Yard officers whose salaries are paid by British taxpayers, reported.

Dai Davis, the former head of Royal Protection, told the Telegraph that Harry is a “lovely man,” but a “nightmare,” to control sometimes.

“We're paying huge amounts of money for this young man to be followed everywhere he goes by security,” he said.

“He's a young man with lots of testosterone but there is a balance and occasionally that balance slips.”