PRINCESS DIANA was murdered because she was pregnant with her lover’s child and because she was ready to dish the dirt on Prince Charles’ sex life claims bombshell new book!

What’s more, in a bombshell new book obtained exclusively by The ENQUIRER, author Alan Power claims the “hit” on Diana was carried out by the British military – and ordered by a member of the royal family!

The extraordinary allegations, found in “The Princess Diana Conspiracy: The Evidence of Murder,” seem to coincide with recent reports that Scotland Yard is investigating “new information” about Diana’s death.

On Aug. 31, 1997, Diana, her lov­er – wealthy playboy businessman Dodi Al Fayed – and their driver, Henri Paul, were killed during a high-speed chase in a Paris tun­nel. French investigators ruled the crash accidental and determined that Paul had been intoxicated.

But now Scotland Yard is looking at the evidence once again after a British Special Air Service soldier’s claim that the unit was in­volved in “arranging” the accident.

“There is no question about it – Princess Diana was murdered!” Power told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.  According to Powers book “British intelligence…arranged for the murder.

“There is also no question at all that Princess Diana was pregnant with Dodi Al Fayed’s child, and that she planned to marry Fayed. If her two children with Prince Charles had gone away to live with Diana, the royal family would have no control over them, “ Power claims.

“They would not have been brought up in the manner nec­essary to take over the throne of England.

“Diana was also going to reveal a lot of stuff about Prince Charles’ sex life – that he liked men, and had been hav­ing sex with his servants, both male and fe­male,” Power claimed.

Power says he believes the order to kill the People’s Princess was given by Queen Eliza­beth’s husband, Prince Philip. “The only possible source from which MI6, British intelligence, would take orders are members of the royal family,” he explained how he detailed the op in his book.

Power fears that the new evi­dence may be “doctored” as part of an ongoing cover-up.

He claims that on the night of Diana’s death, her assassins rode ahead of her Mercedes in a white Fiat Uno, causing Diana’s car to crash by shining a strobe light into driver Paul’s eyes. The driver of the Fiat – photogra­pher James Andanson – was found dead nearly three years after the crash, shot twice in the head.

Nicholas Davies, royal expert, author of eight books on the royals and a friend of Princess Diana, told The ENQUIRER that the new evidence being reviewed by Scotland Yard – as well as the claims in Power’s book – have set off alarm bells in royal circles.

“But one thing you can be sure of – if Diana and Dodi Al Fayed were murdered, Queen Elizabeth will not condone a cover-up,” added Power. “She’s 87 years old and she wants the truth to be out there before she dies.”