Rosie O’Donnell’s Secret Lesbian Love Notes!

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Motor-mouth ROSIE O'DONNELL is a “serial cheater” who racked up multiple lovers as a lesbian lothario, and once may have attempted to arrange a kinky threesome behind the back of her wife!

In a world-beating exclusive, The National ENQUIRER has obtained the shocking cyber-sex proof that could cost the embattled talk show host megabucks in a $100 million divorce, and force her to lose custody of her 2-year-old daughter, Dakota.

Rosie’s love letters are both intimate and incriminating, spanning multiple years.

They expose how the 53-year-old appeared to arrange a ménage à trois with other extramarital conquests!

“When I am home for two weeks in November, I would love for you to come up here with *****,” she wrote in one note.

In another email, sent during Rosie’s ill-fated marriage to Michelle Rounds, a second lovestruck girlfriend declared: “I wanted to be your wife, but you didn’t want me as that, and I would’ve been so self destructive, and in turn that would have brought you down.”

Yet another lover confessed how she’d been forced to tell her spouse that she’d cheated – with the heavyweight TV gab queen!

“I told ***** honestly you had spent the night with me, that I was reconnecting with you,” gushed the woman.

The ENQUIRER has decided not to name the women on Rosie’s conquest list.

The disclosure of the lewd letters and emails is a sensational twist to the divorce case plaguing Rosie, who quit her second stint on “The View” – and her marriage – in February.

When asked if Rosie cheated, her rep told The ENQUIRER: “Unfortunately when two people get divorced, there’s always ugliness involved.”

But, explained the source: “There’s no doubt this disclosure of emails and letters could be damaging to Rosie if her split with Michelle ends up in divorce court. It’s certainly stuff that Rosie wants to keep dead and buried!”

But it wasn’t just Michelle who suffered at the wandering eyes of Rosie, The ENQUIRER has learned.

This publication has viewed damaging correspondence centered around her previous marriage to ex-wife Kelli Carpenter.

“I helped you rewrite our history … so Kelli couldn’t take the kids,” bemoaned another lover.

“I found out you were dating someone and were happy in love. I was shocked.”

Kelli, a former television executive, split from Rosie in 2007.

But the comedian kept the secret until 2009, when she stepped out with Texas-based artist Tracy Kachtick-Anders.

That too went bust.

But for all her ill-fated romances, one woman appeared not to have suffered the same fate as others.

Pouring her heart out in an email, this besotted lover told Rosie: “Your email makes me love you even more if at all possible!”