Pervert Roman Polanski Dodges U.S. Justice!


Roman Polanski is off the hook for having sex with a 13-year-old!

A court in Poland has ruled that the “Rosemary’s Baby” director, now 82, cannot be extradited to America to face criminal charges over drugging and anally raping young Samantha Geimer during a party at the home of Hollywood star Jack Nicholson.

Polanski abruptly fled the United States before he could be sentenced to prison under a plea bargain in 1977. His victim has since bravely came forward and declared her real name, while also filing a civil suit against Polanski in 1988.

The dirty director later agreed to pay her $500,000 plus interest, although Samantha had to struggle to collect the payment — with Polanski having stayed out of America over the years to avoid prosecution.

In an exclusive interview with The ENQUIRER earlier this year, Samantha declared that she had forgiven Polanski, and said about any future court dates: “If they subpoenaed me, I’d have to appear, but I wouldn’t otherwise cooperate in any prosecution of Roman Polanski.”

Since escaping from justice in the ’70s, Polanski has continued to make films in Europe with Hollywood stars such as Johnny Depp, Jodie Foster and Harrison Ford.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded him the Oscar for Best Director in 2003 for “The Pianist.” The outstanding charges against the rapist prevented him from accepting the Academy Award in person.