ROMA DOWNEY says the “voice” of God inspired her to help create the History Channel’s hit miniseries “The Bible” in her ongoing quest to spread her faith.

“Roma truly feels as if God has chosen her to do this,” said a friend.

Until recently, the 52-year-old Irish beauty was best known for her role as the angel Monica on the TV series “Touched by an Angel.”

But the runaway success of “The Bible” has brought her back into the limelight, where she can best spread “the good news.”

“Three-and-a-half years ago, I felt the call to do this,” Roma said. “I got my husband to share the vision. He is a great man for making things happen. He doesn’t hear the word ‘no.’”

That husband is Mark Burnett, producer of popu­lar reality TV shows including “Survivor,” “The Voice” and “Shark Tank.” The couple wed in 2007.

“While there have been times I’d hoped that an angel like the Monica I played would show up, we know that God speaks to us in much quieter and subtler ways,” Roma said. “It’s in the quiet times that that voice called. I felt the tug of it.”

“The Bible” is an epic 10- hour docudrama that uses spectacular computer-generated graphics and an international cast – including Roma as the Virgin Mary – to illustrate the Holy Book from “Genesis” to “Revelation.”

Roma is also spreading her message to preschool­ers in a series of books and DVDs called “Little Angels.”

“They are such sponges at this age,” she noted. “There is such an opportunity here to sow seeds of faith in our little children.”