Roly-Poly Penny Marshall

Penny marshall splash square

It’s “Diet or Die” for PENNY MARSHALL – but this exclusive National ENQUIRER photo shows the “Laverne & Shirley” star looking determined to have a heart attack!

An insider who was with Penny at a recent Los Angeles event said: “Oh, my God! She’s as big as a house! Penny really needs to take this seriously, because her heart isn’t going to be able to take this much longer.”

The Hollywood director, 71, now looks to weigh at least 270 pounds.

In addition to the star “sporting double chins and a bulging body,” the eyewitness reported Penny is still smoking cigarettes – despite a battle with lung cancer!

The ENQUIRER revealed Penny’s battle with a brain tumor in November 2009.

The funny lady underwent life-saving surgery to remove the tumor, but was diagnosed with lung cancer that same year.

In 2011, The ENQUIRER reported Penny had gone into remission after undergoing chemo and radiation.

She was declared cancer-free by her doctors in 2013.

Penny later claimed the cancer treatments caused her to pack on 60 pounds.

“Two years later, she has no excuse,” said the insider. “Penny needs to seriously lose the weight, and she needs to do it now before it’s too late!”