Rod Stewart’s Wife Leaves With The Kids!

Penny moves to England while rocker parties in L.A.!

Rod Stewart's Wife Leaves With The Kids
Ricky Vigil M/GC Images

Rod Stewart and his much younger wife, Penny Lancaster, are living separate lives!

“They are living apart!” a source close to the couple confided exclusively to The National ENQUIRER.

TV host Penny, 48, took the pair’s two young sons — Alastair, 13, and Aiden, 8 — to England, while Rod, who is often on the road, still lives in Los Angeles.

“Penny has taken the kids to the U.K.,” the source dished. “She wants them to have a British education, which she believes is far better than the schooling they can get in the United States.”

Meanwhile, the “Forever Young” singer, 74, has been left behind to pursue his party-hearty lifestyle in L.A.!

“Rod is one of the world’s biggest rock stars — and continues to live like one,” an insider snitched.

Sources reported Rod also maintains his residence in the United States to protect himself from brutal U.K. taxes.

But recent comments made by the “Maggie May” singer have hinted at possible marriage trouble.

In a British TV interview, Rod let slip that his older kids from previous relationships were initially suspicious of Penny, fearing the former model might be “trying to get hold of his money!”

And last year he admitted to The ENQUIRER they have slowed down their late-night lovemaking, saying, “Every night we have a kiss and a hug, but that doesn’t always lead to sex.”