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Robert Vaughn: My Secret Nights With Natalie Wood

The late star told The ENQUIRER all about their hidden romance!

robert vaughn natalie wood romance
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When “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” met Natalie Wood, Robert Vaugh said that his heart went more than pitter patter!

In an emotional interview, Robert relived his most memorable Hollywood moment — telling The National ENQUIRER: “In the ’50s and ’60s, to have been a well-known actor in Hollywood, to have money in your pocket and be a bachelor was like having died and gone to heaven!”

“I certainly had fun in heaven. I’d been out of college for 30 days and was doing a play in Los Angeles when I met Natalie.

“She was only 17 but very forceful. She said to my mother, ‘Is your son seeing anyone?’

“My mother, who was dazzled by movie stars, said,’Oh no, he’s very free!’

“So I began seeing her and [Natalie] introduced me to everyone in Hollywood. She’d say, “Better get Robert now before somebody else does.”

“She was seeing half a dozen other people at the time, including her future husband Robert Wagner and Dennis Hopper. She was a well-known date in Hollywood — a lovable, well-known date. Nobody ever said a bad word about her.”

Robert said his affair with Natalie was cut short by being inducted into the army. but he still owes his career and his heart to the sultry superstar.