30 Rock ‘n roller Rip Torn busted again – for DUI.

Less than two years after being fined and losing his license in New York, the aging thesp, 77, is up against the wall in home state of Connecticut.

State troopers say they picked up Torn on Route 44 after departing the infamous White Hart Inn in Salisbury, Ct.  Torn was barreling down the breakdown lane in his 94 Subaru with a Xmas tree tied to the top on December 14.

According to troopers, The Larry Sanders Show Emmy winner flunked part of the sobriety test and then refused to continue claiming the ground wasn’t level. He then cussed troopers after saying no to be breathalyzed.

Torn  pleaded not guilty today in Bantam Superior Court in the hamlet of Litchfield.

BTW Route 44, where the incident occurred,  runs through Connecticut and New York and is known and feared for its treacherous steep curves, local sources told The ENQUIRER