Mike Walker

Rihanna: Pop Princess Demands Peeing In Privacy

Tinkle, tinkle, major star!

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Mike Walker Reports… Can’t hold this pooper/scoop even a second longer: Outrageously rampaging Rihanna pissed off a passel of poised-to-pee chicks seeking blessed bladder relief in the ladies john at swanky Malibu hotspot Nobu!

A bitchy female manager came suddenly storming in, screaming: “Everybody out of the bathroom now!”

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Revealed My Pee-Peeper: “Besides women freshening up and washing their hands, some were actually interrupted mid-stream on the toilets and forced outside before finishing their business!

“It was really scary; we were seriously frightened that something horrible had happened — a fire, a shooting … a terrorist attack?

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“But as we ran out in sheer terror, in waltzes Rihanna — strutting like she owned the place — with a male bodyguard who made sure every last person had emptied out for Ms. SuperStar!

“All of us gals got bounced just because Rihanna wanted to pee in privacy! How’s that for a BS diva move?”