Big Recipes!

Rihanna Fattens Up Fans With New Cookbook

Adding on the curves that make her proud!

rihanna weght cook book
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Rihanna adores her fuller figure — and she’s embracing her look by whipping up a cookbook with all her fave fattening recipes!

“Ri has been passionate about cooking since she was a child, so this is something she’s always thought of doing,” a pal squealed to The National ENQUIRER.

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“Now the timing’s right. Her cookbook will include cuisines from all over the world, particularly the Caribbean recipes she and her family swear by.”

The dishes that the “Love on the Brain” singer has in mind won’t be easy on the waistband either!

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According to another snitch, creamy sauces and decadent chocolate desserts will be on the menu. “Rihanna wants to inspire others to get away from fad diets, and this is a big part of that.

“She loves her body right now, and wasn’t happy when she felt like she lost too much weight a few years ago,. She thinks curves are sexy, and all women should embrace them!”