Outspoken actress Candice Bergen unleashes vicious attack on John Edwards‘ mistress Rielle Hunter,

She’s "utterly amoral!" Bergen slammed Hunter on the Internet Web site wowOwow.com, a forum for women.

"The sleaze in this is, of course, John. But Rielle Hunter…she gives women a black eye," the 63-year-old Boston Legal actress wrote.

"We all know the type, they make your hair go all weird and your teeth chatter. They are utterly amoral, without a shred of conscience and tough as tacks."

Meanwhile, according to a published report, Elizabeth Edwards recently purchased a warehouse full of furniture, and plans to open a furniture store in Chapel Hill, N.C., to "be independent of" her cheating hubby.

And Bergen – who won five Emmy Awards as a tough-talking TV journalist on the sitcom Murphy Brown – ended her blistering attack on Hunter by saying: "(Elizabeth) is a remarkable woman, and I am very sorry she has had so much to endure…a husband who is dumb enough to be sucked in by an ambitious (expletive)."

Candice is the daughter of famed ventriloquist Edgar Bergen who once ruled the radio airwaves with his dummies Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd.  And to see Candice "utterly amoral" herself check her out in Carnal Knowledge where a very young Candy gets busy with both Jack Nicholson AND Art Garfunkel!