RICHARD GERE’s wife lays down the law – he either loses his roving eye or she’s leaving him and taking their beloved country inn with her!

Golden Globe nom Gere’s stunning wife, actress Carey Lowell, blew her stack in early October after the “American Gigolo” star tried to cozy up to an attractive blonde at a restaurant in East Hampton, N.Y. – triggering a confrontation with the woman’s husband.

“At 63, Richard is still a magnet to women and sometimes it gets him into trouble,” a close source told The ENQUIRER.

“Carey lives in constant fear he’ll cheat on her, and the East Hampton incident led to a huge blowup.

“She told him point-blank that if he doesn’t stop his embarrassing flirtations, she’ll pull the plug on the marriage – and that includes taking possession of the hotel they opened.”

The couple, who have been married since 2002 and have one son, took on an ambitious project in 2009 by converting a country farmhouse into a luxurious bed-and-breakfast. But Gere may have to look for somewhere else to sleep af­ter he reportedly made a spectacle of himself at the upscale Long Island restaurant Nick & Toni’s – and Car­ey, a former Bond girl, hit the roof.

“He kept staring at this woman, and her husband seemed agitated,” revealed an insider.

“Then he approached her table. Without seeming to even notice anyone else there, he leaned close to her ear and tried to talk to her.”

That’s when her furious husband stepped in and shouted that the actor had better leave. But Gere stubbornly ignored him and continued talking to the beauty. When he finally left, her still-fuming husband followed him out to make sure he was gone for good, according to the source.

A rep for Gere insisted: “Richard was with his agents and director of his film, all of whom confirmed that noth­ing ‘flirtatious’ happened other than Richard stopping by the table next to him to say hi due to the fact his agent said that they kept looking over to him during dinner.”

But the source says Carey was still upset.

“She’s finally demanded that he quit flirting,” said the close source. “Rich­ard still loves her, so he’s promised to behave.”