The sexy star of ABC’s blockbuster show Lost dumped her husband back in January before taking up with a co-star — and nearly a year on her ex is still bitter!

Evangeline Lilly has been photographed all over Hawaii kissing Lost‘s junkie rocker Dominic Monaghan. She denies she’s having a romance, but hubby Murray Hone doesn’t even bother keeping up appearances. “He’s got to be bitter,” said a friend.

Evangeline, 25, filed for divorce just months after meeting Monaghan, 28, on the island set.

Friends say that it has been especially tough on Murray, 24, who worked odd jobs to support Evangeline’s acting dream. She considered quitting, but Murray urged her to stick with it.

But once she hit the jackpot — snagging a lead role as criminal fugitive Kate Austin on Lost, even though she only auditioned as an extra — she cashed out on Murray. “She got to Hawaii and told him she was having second thoughts about their marriage,” one friend said. “She didn’t return his calls.”

Added another friend: “It may just be a case where Evangeline reached the major leagues and she knew Murray wouldn’t.”

The National Enquirer caught up with Murray after his weekly hockey game in Coquitlam, Canada. He was not wearing his wedding ring — and wasn’t talking either. “He doesn’t have anything to say,” said a fellow player.