DEMI MOORE is flexing some new skills. The 50-year-old “Striptease” actress has decided to ditch her Hollywood acting career after be­coming a certified yoga teacher.

Demi has immersed herself in the study of Kundalini yoga, a branch of the ancient Indian discipline that focuses on raising individual consciousness through breath­ing techniques and physical poses.

 “Demi is acutely aware that her star has faded in Hollywood,” said a source. “Acting of­fers aren’t coming in and, at her age, Demi realistically knows she’s considered over the hill in youth-obsessed Hollywood.

“She also credit Kundalini with helping her recover from the emotional issues surrounding her drug-induced seizure and hospitalization last year.”

As The ENQUIRER reported in February 2012, the star suffered an emotional breakdown as she faced turn­ing 50 in the wake of her split from ex-hubby Ashton Kutcher. “Yoga has been a lifesaver for Demi, so through teaching, she hopes to give back and share the wisdom she’s acquired,” explained the source. The troubled mom of three was encouraged to pursue certification by her actor friend Russell Brand, a Kundalini devotee, as well as her new 30-year-old beau, Australian pearl diver and yoga follower Will Hanigan.

“She’s been going to two-hour classes five days a week for months, so it was a logical next step,” said the source, who added that Demi studied at Nine Treasures Yoga in Los Angeles, completing the program in May.

“Demi is finally finding her footing again and she credits yoga with getting her back on track,” noted the source. “She’s absolutely committed to living a healthy life, both spiritually and physically.”