The Real World bad boy "Puck" broke his neck and nearly died when his car plunged down a 40-foot ravine.

The former MTV reality star says he survived thanks to his 8-year-old son Bogart, who was gravely injured in the recent crash, but managed to get help.

“I broke my neck in three places, and if I try to move, I could be paralyzed for life. The only reason I am alive is that my son saved me,” he told The ENQUIRER.

David “Puck” Rainey, 41, became one of the most notorious “Real World” house guests in the show’s history in 1994 when he was evicted for harassing a gay roommate who was dying from AIDS.

The former bike messenger, who’s now an actor, was driving from his San Fernando Valley home to Lake Cuyamaca near San Diego, Calif., for a fishing trip with Bogart on March 19 when the accident happened.

“I drank two shots of Jack Daniels in the car,” he admitted, “but I also ate a sandwich. I was doing about 40 when a deer jumped out in front of me.”

While trying to avoid the deer, his tiny 1988 Ford Festiva ran off the road and rolled over four times as it bounced down a 40-foot ravine.

“My seat belt broke, and I was being flung around in the car,” Puck recalled. “I ended up trapped, upside down, in water. I didn’t know it then, but I had a broken neck. I’d also broken my clavicle, my sternum and both feet.”

Bogart managed to roll down his window, get out of the car, climb up the embankment and stop a passing car. He was rushed to a San Diego hospital and treated for a lacerated liver, bruised kidney and internal bleeding.

Puck, who has battled alcoholism for years, said he was arrested at the hospital and charged with child endangerment.