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RACHAEL RAY and hubby JOHN CUSIMANO are living separate lives following years of rumors he’s engaged in sleazy shenanigans behind her back.

“John’s already doing his thing and she’s doing hers,” Rachael’s cousin, Gina Mesnick, exclusively told The National ENQUIRER, suggesting the couple’s nine-year marriage could end in a $60 million divorce.

Since the couple wed in 2005, the talk show star has endured persistent whispers about John’s sordid double life.

In 2006, Jeaninne Walz of Florida said she had a five-year relationship with John, 47, that continued even after he married Rachael. Both John and Rachael denied the claims. Another woman claimed John – an attorney and musician – paid her to satisfy his weird sex fetishes.

The ENQUIRER reported in 2013 John had reputedly visited a swingers’ club. He was also said to have cheated with other women before and after he married. John’s lawyer denied the story.

The marriage woes have taken a toll on Rachael, 46 – sending the 5-foot-3 cooking diva gorging on comfort food, sources said.

“Her biggest worry is whether she can keep her marriage afloat,” an insider said. “Poor Rachael never had any kids with John and when he’s on the road, her [dog] Isaboo is her companion.”

Appearing on “The Steve Harvey Show” last year, Rachael attempted to gloss over the marriage rumors. “Ray would only admit to the ‘PR’ version of her story,” TV blogger Scott Mandel noted.

Meanwhile, John seems to have made his band “The Cringe” his top priority.

On tour in England, he boasted to an interviewer that he had been “crowd surfing,” joking that the band’s success was due to “our incredible good looks.”

The band also released a music video that seemed far removed from the squeaky-clean image Rachael promotes.

The video, “Deep Girl,” shows a topless and tattooed woman in a dimly lit room. It opens with a bearded man resembling John approaching her, and ends with the man sitting alongside her.

“Rachael’s worked so hard at cultivating an apple pie image of herself,” a second source said. “It may only be a matter of time before she dumps him for good.”

Despite denials of marriage woes from the couple’s lawyer, Gina claimed, “Rachael kicks him out when they fight – and the next time could be for good!”