Rachael Ray Serves Up One Helluva Snub To Her Dad!

celebrity chef Rachael Ray, husband John Cusimano

Rachael Ray cooked up a 10th wedding anniversary trip to Italy for family and friends, but shunned her divorced dad!

Jim Ray, 80, told The National ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview: “I imagine the guests were some of the same people who attended her wedding, but I wasn’t among them.

“It’s disappointing.”

The talk show star and celebrity cook — who at 47 is worth $60 million — and husband John Cusimano recently traveled to Montalcino, Italy, for the party.

The celebration was held at the Castello di Velona, the castle where the couple first said, “I do.” Their pit bull, Isaboo, was reportedly among the 95 guests.

Amazingly, the couple made it to the 10-year mark despite an ugly cheating scandal. As The ENQUIRER reported in 2006, John, 48, paid a Florida woman to spit on him during a five-year relationship that began before he married Rachael, but continued after they wed.

As for the bash, a source told The ENQUIRER: “It was a real slap in the face to her dad that he was excluded.”

But Jim pointed out it might have been just as well he didn’t go. He said: “When I went there for the wedding 10 years ago, I came down with a nasty bout of diverticulitis. It was a nightmare.”