A miracle baby is on the way for Rachael Ray – the 41-year-old star chef plans to adopt a child, sources say.

While The ENQUIRER revealed in 2006 that Rachael can’t get pregnant for medical reasons, she’s anxious to start a family with musician husband John Cusimano, according to insiders.

"For the last couple of weeks, Rachael has been dropping hints she wants to adopt," a close friend told The ENQUIRER.

"She knows she can’t get pregnant, but that won’t stop her from making life wonderful for a baby.

"It’s going to be a miracle for one lucky child, and a miracle for Rachael because she never thought she would be a mother."

The ENQUIRER revealed the heartbreaking secret about Rachael’s inability to conceive in our issue dated Oct. 23, 2006.

In an exclusive interview, her former boyfriend Joseph Mills revealed that Rachael told him that she could not get pregnant, but never explained why. Mills also said that he believed the loss broke her heart.

But Rachael put a happy face on her heartbreak by repeatedly insisting she was too busy to be a mom.

She told the ABC 20/20 that "having a child doesn’t make sense to me because my workload is too great."

She sang the same song in a 2007 interview, claiming: "I work too much to be an appropriate parent."

And as The ENQUIRER reported in a series of blockbuster exclusives, her 4 1/2-year marriage was rocked by reports that her husband John had bizarre sexual encounters with other women.

But sources say Rachael has put those issues aside as she starts her quest to become a mom.

"Rachael loves children, and she thinks the time is right to adopt. She and John haven’t decided yet if they want a boy or girl," the source divulged.

"She was in tears watching TV reports about the plight of children orphaned by the earthquake in Haiti. She hasn’t suggested adopting a Haitian child, but she’s definitely started researching adoption agencies.

"Her mom Elsa is delighted. Even though her older daughter Maria has already made her a grandmother, having Rachael plan to adopt has made her so happy."

Rachael – who earned $15 million last year thanks to her best-selling books and TV shows – and John are wondering how their pit bull Isaboo will take to the family’s new addition.

"John and Rachael are devoted to Isaboo, but there have been stories about long-time pets having trouble with babies," said the source.

"I’m sure that won’t be the case here. Rachael’s child will be the best-loved and best-fed baby EVER!"