New charges ignite RACHAEL RAY’s grief stricken family after the shocking death of her aunt.

ON the day of her Aunt Geraldine’s funeral, Rachael Ray callously tweeted about cats, stew and TV’s “Cake Boss” – but nothing about her tragic relative.
And in a bombshell new disclosure, Rachael’s mother didn’t even attend her own sister’s send-off.
The ugly family feud that broke out following the death of the TV chef’s 77-year-old aunt has exploded with bitter new charges.
Last week, The ENQUIRER revealed that Rachael’s Aunt Geraldine died after suffering a heart attack in the freezing cold on Nov. 29 after accidentally lock­ing herself out of the upstate New York home of Rachael’s mom Elsa, where she was house-sitting. An autopsy showed she died of a heart attack.
In an exclusive interview with The ENQUIRER, Rachael’s cousin Gina Mesnick fumed: “My mother is dead today because the Ray family neglected her.” She re­vealed that her mother never got a key to the house where her sister (Rachael’s mom), Elsa Scuderi, lived.
The bad feelings were further inflamed when Rachael, 45, her husband, John Cusimano, AND Elsa were no-shows at Geraldine’s funeral in Ticonderoga, N.Y.
A representative for the TV star explained that she missed the services because of major work commit­ments but “paid her respects privately.”
But in a new interview with The ENQUIRER in mid-December, Gina said she’s now further insulted after learning about Rachael’s lighthearted tweets on the day of the funeral, Dec. 5. “I found it very insensitive and inappropriate,” Gina told The ENQUIRER. “It just shows how demeaning Rachael was to my family on the day we buried my mom after she died under such horrible circumstances.”
Gina also pointed out that even if Rachael had work commitments, there was no apparent reason why Cusimano couldn’t have represented the couple at the funeral. And she’s further outraged that Rachael’s mom not only missed the event but hasn’t even spoken to anyone in Gina’s family since the tragedy.
“It’s inexcusable,” blasted Gina. “It shows a total lack of caring.”