Queen Latifah‘s secret gay lifestyle could be exposed in a nasty court battle, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

Two of Latifah’s former employees – a make-up artist and a fashion stylist – are suing the rapper-turned-actress for $1 million in unpaid salaries, according to court documents obtained by The ENQUIRER.

And a published report suggests that the workers may be seeking the money to buy their silence about Latifah’s sexual orientation!

"Sources tell me the figure came from not only claimed makeup and hair treatments and consultations, but for the two women’s silence – a not-too-subtle hint at the long-rumored whispers about Queen Latifah’s alleged preference for women," columnist Bill Zwecker wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Attorney Carmen Giordano, who filed the suits in federal court in New York, told The ENQUIRER: "Whether Latifah is gay or straight has absolutely nothing to do with my clients’ claims."

But he said that Latifah’s personal life could become an issue in the case as it relates to "her treatment of another stylist."

And New York lawyer Bruce Baron, a veteran of litigation against celebrities who is not involved in the case, told The ENQUIRER: "During a lawsuit, everything is fair game, and that includes Queen Latifah’s sex life."

According to the suits, makeup artist Roxanna Floyd is seeking $700,000 for advising Queen Latifah on her CoverGirl line of cosmetics known as the "Queen Collection."

Fashion stylist Susan Moses also claims Latifah owes her $150,000 for three years’ work on an intimate apparel wear called Curvation, plus another $150,000 for lost earnings as a stylist in the same three-year period.

While Latifah, 39, has been romantically linked to personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins for several years, she’s refused to address her sexuality in interviews.

"I don’t feel like I need to share my personal life and I don’t care if people think I’m gay or not. Assume whatever you want, you do it anyway," Latifah told the NY Times.

But Giordano warns that Latifah might be singing a different tune when the two suits finally get to court. He told The ENQUIRER: "My clients have a lot to say about the way she conducts her business and the manner in which she mistreats people who work for her."