Queen Elizabeth’s Cheating Husband Unmasked


Queen Elizabeth’s 65-year marriage is about to be ripped apart by a TV series exposing her husband as a serial cheater and shameless hypocrite!

Palace courtiers fear the ugly truth — being aired for all to see — could kill the frail 89-year-old monarch, who has always turned a blind eye to her Greek-born Prince Philip’s antics.

Philip, 94, is reviled for his sharp tongue and high-handed ways — and has the reputation of being a complete phony.

“Philip thinks there are rules for everyone else, but he can do what he pleases,” said a palace insider.

“He’s been cheating on Elizabeth since they first married. But with him it’s do as I say, not as I do.”

The two-faced Prince actually slammed his daughter-in-law, Princess Diana, over her extramarital romances, while giving his son Charles and his cheating wife, Camilla, a pass for the same behavior.

Philip, of course, sees nothing wrong with HIS philandering, either!

But the Netflix TV series will expose his wicked ways — and he’ll finally have no place to hide, said insiders.

“This will show his true colors,” said a source. “Palace courtiers aren’t convinced his wife actually knows about his philandering.”

Even on the eve of his Nov. 20, 1947 wedding, brazen Philip had a fling with the beautiful Daphne Du Maurier, who wrote “The Birds.”

And a month before Elizabeth was due to give birth to Charles in 1948, Philip was linked to British star Pat Kirkwood — the first in a chorus line of showgirls he bedded!

“He had another girlfriend he’d meet regularly at one of the royal houses. When he left by the servants’ entrance, he’d tell the Guardsman on duty, ‘Don’t forget, you haven’t seen me!’ ” reported the royal insider.

“Philip went on to have a string of affairs with polo wives, duchesses, countesses and a number of famous actresses — said to include Jane Russell, Merle Oberon, Shirley MacLaine and Zsa Zsa Gabor!”

But his most shocking hookup was a 20-year fling with Princess Alexandra of Kent, the Queen’s cousin and a married mother of two!

“Those who have seen them together note how close they are — the way they talk to each other, the body language, the natural intimacy,” said Nicholas Davies, author of “Elizabeth — Behind Palace Doors.”

According to Davies, their affair began in the 1950s. Alexandra would visit Philip at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle — when Elizabeth was away — for steamy, private swims.

“When that affair cooled in the 1990s, he switched his attentions to Lady Penny Romsey, who shares his love of carriage driving,” claimed the insider.

“Remember, this is the man who wrote to Diana, calling her a ‘harlot and a trollop’ — when he’s the biggest royal bed-hopper there is.

“Now, this series may doom his own marriage — or kill his wife!”