America’s hottest British imports will soon be starring in their own reality TV series, but don’t expect too much reality in the show.

The producer of the new show – which stars soccer phenom David Beckham and his wife Victoria (Posh Spice of the Spice Girls) – felt the power couple needed a little more drama in their lives to make the series a success – so they’ve decided to use a script!

“The show has a lot going for it – one of the world’s hottest and most stylish celebrity couples, their exciting relocation to Los Angeles and David’s historic joining of the L.A. Galaxy soccer team,” said an insider.

“But they feel they needed to juice up the show’s excitement quotient for the couple, so Posh’s bodyguard and personal assistant will have scripted roles.”

Executive producer Simon Fuller – one of the geniuses behind “American Idol” – felt the premise just wasn’t thrilling enough for the demanding American audience. As they relocate to the States, David, 31, and Victoria are searching for a lavish new home in L.A., and Victoria is also setting up business deals for her clothing and handbag lines.

Simon brought in the personal assistant and bodyguard for Victoria, 31, to battle with each show, according to the insider. Simon, who is also Victoria’s manager, is currently shopping the series to the top television networks.

“He’s sure the Beckhams are going to be the next big thing on American television,” added the insider.

“They just need a little extra help getting there.”