Mike Walker

Mess With Priscilla Presley — And Xenu’s Gonna Getcha!

It's the daughter who's less devout!

Priscilla Presley Scientology
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Mike Walker Reports… Very serious Scientologist Priscilla Presley’s gorgeous kisser froze colder than outer space ice when a fellow guest at a pal’s house party – a stranger she’d never met – creepily remarked: “Priscilla, leaving Scientology was the best decision you ever made!”

Dished My Elvis Widow Spy: “Priscilla’s face went dead white!

Elvis Presley Suicide: Secrets Of His Drugged-Out Death Wish!

“Clearly offended, she snapped, ‘You’re mistaken, that was not me — that was my daughter!’

“The jerk was embarrassed to learn he’s the only person on Earth or Xenu who’d never heard how Priscilla and Lisa Marie clashed over the space-y religion Elvis Presley so famously despised!”