Family Feud!

Priscilla Presley Steps Out Amid Accusations Of Affair

Estranged daughter accuses her of going after husband!

lisa marie & priscilla presley
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Elvis Presley’s train-wreck daughter Lisa Marie is racked with paranoia over the close relationship between her estranged fourth husband, Michael Lockwood, and her 71-year-old mom Priscilla, insiders said.

Shockingly, sources tell The National ENQUIRER the troubled music heiress has a suspicious mind — and believes her mom and her ex are attracted to each other!

And Lisa also worries Priscilla, who’s been caring for the separated couple’s eight-year-old twin girls, may be working to take her daughters away from her!

“Their mother-daughter relationship is crumbling,” said an insider, who says the once-close women are barely speaking.

“Lisa Marie has convinced herself that Priscilla and Michael have the hots for each other and are fooling around behind her back,” according to the source.

“Worse, Lisa Marie is so paranoid that she believes her mom is conspiring with Michael to destroy her and strip her of custody of her daughters.”

Last June, Lisa Marie filed for divorce from struggling musician Michael after 10 years of marriage. The drug addicted celeb has since rejoined Scientology after checking herself into the cult’s controversial rehab program.

Tom Jones Haunted By Elvis — Over Dates With Priscilla

“Lisa Marie suspects Michael started putting the moves on Priscilla while she was in rehab. She thinks there’s no limit to how low that man will go to humiliate and hurt her,” said the source.

Lisa Marie flipped out and turned on her mom after she found out Priscilla was giving Michael handouts and inviting him over to see their girls.

The two had a huge blowup — and Lisa Marie accused her mom of carrying on a secret affair with Michael!

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Priscilla was seeing Welsh lothario Tom Jones, but the pair seemed to have cooled.

“Priscilla is beside herself and can’t believe her own flesh and blood would make such a wild claim,” added the insider. “It’s a very sad situation because Priscilla has been Lisa Marie’s anchor. Now there’s bad blood between them.”