Princess Diana’s Secret Daughter: Charles Wants Me Dead!

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Princess Diana’s secret daughter claimed she has proof Prince Charles murdered her mother — and is trying to kill her, too!

But the young woman, who goes by the name Sarah, decided to step forward to tell her story after Princes William and Harry dug up Diana’s body to prove their father assassinated his first wife.

“I have deliberately stayed in the background for many years,” Sarah told The National ENQUIRER.

“But my mother’s exhumation opened the door for me to go public. If the Palace keeps out of the investigation, it will show Charles was behind her murder.

“And I still hold bombshell evidence that will destroy the man. I’m his worst nightmare.”

As a result, the heir to the British Throne is plotting to put her in a grave, said the blonde, who clearly resembles Diana.

“He wants me silenced,” she said. “He has a team of trained killers out to get me. He’s vowing to murder me, just like he did my mother. He sees me as a threat.”

Sarah said she pushed for Diana’s body to be exhumed during a secret meeting with William’s wife, Kate, in late 2014.

“I asked Kate for help,” Sarah revealed. “She’s a wonderful person. I pleaded with her to have William get our mother’s body exhumed. I just broke down and pleaded with her.”

She’s convinced a new autopsy will expose a sinister murder cover-up masterminded by Charles — and insisted she has “damning new evidence” that links Charles directly to Diana’s death.

“I’m waiting until I hear the results from the exhumation, until I release my evidence,” she said. “I think it will come out some time in 2016. There’s no turning back for me.”

Even so, Sarah had minor cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance slightly so she’s a little less recognizable. During the interview she agreed to be photographed from the back only. All photos were taken by the person she introduced as “my bodyguard.”

This is the first time Sarah granted an interview. She decided to bare all to The ENQUIRER after we revealed the blockbuster story of her secret existence in 2012.

Sarah’s life mirrors the novel “The Disappearance of Olivia” by American author Nancy Ryan, which mixed fact with fiction, according to Diana’s daughter.

According to the book, Diana, then a 19-year-old virgin, had her eggs harvested and fertilized with Charles’ sperm to prove she could bear a Royal heir in December 1980. The eggs were later destroyed — but a member of the medical team kept one embryo and implanted it in his wife, who bore a baby named Olivia.

Sarah said she was born under similar circumstances in October 1981, 10 weeks after Charles and Diana’s wedding.

The couple who raised her died in a car wreck. She says she discovered the truth about her birth in her mother’s diary.

And the discovery puts her at risk, she charged.

“My life is in peril right now,” daughter Sarah said. “The Palace, particularly my father, is planting stories that I don’t exist. But the world will soon know EVERYTHING about me. I intend to go public very soon.”

Since the news of Sarah’s birth broke, she’s had a clandestine meeting with Duchess Kate and confronted Charles when he visited America earlier this year.

“He was arrogant, smug and dismissive,” she said. “He was everything I thought he would be. He had the nerve to offer me money to disappear. I finally lost it and said: ‘I know you killed my mother! You killed Diana!’ He turned white as a ghost.

“I said it as loud as I could. I wanted him to know that he can’t bully me. But, sadly, it’s escalated far beyond that now. He wants me dead — just like my mother.

“For the last 18 months I have been meeting with key people both inside the Palace and on the outside. I now have proof Charles was responsible for my mother’s death.

“I am awaiting the results of the new autopsy before I go further. But I intend to go public and let the world know that the man who is my biological father is also a murderer.

“It is my understanding that my grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, is holding off from giving Charles the crown because she doesn’t want him to be forced to relinquish the throne once the evidence is presented.

“Charles is desperate to shut me up and will stop at nothing. I know he has a hit squad trying to find me. But I’m one step ahead of him. He’s not going to get me like he did my mother.

“I never stay in one place for too very long and have some influential new friends who are helping me. The only goal in life is to avenge my mother’s death. No one … is going to stop me. The truth will win out!”