Princess Diana’s Secret Love Letters: ‘Charles Isn’t Harry’s Father!’

Princess diana short

Princess Diana’s longtime lover James Hewitt rocked the Palace after being caught selling eight intimate letters from the lovesick Princess — but the handwritten notes are just the tip of the iceberg, sources told The ENQUIRER!

Incredibly, the cash-strapped love rat has at least 60 MORE explosive messages from Diana — trapped in a loveless marriage to Prince Charles — that threaten the very stability of the royal family, insiders revealed.

The ENQUIRER originally caught Hewitt putting items on the market that sources describe as “innocent schoolgirl love notes.”

But a source insisted the letters Hewitt held back “read like a bodice-ripping romance novel” and were sent to the red-haired British Army tank commander while he was serving in the Gulf War in 1991.

The source insisted these notes contain jaw-dropping revelations that include:

  • Diana’s admission that ginger-haired son Harry really IS Hewitt’s love child.
  • Her prediction that Charles “WILL KILL” her when he finds out about the paternity scandal.
  • Diana’s gut-wrenching hatred for “disgusting” Camilla — and how she CAUGHT her in kinky sex games with the Prince of Wales.

Palace insiders believe Hewitt, 57, is keeping the most sensational letters hidden under lock and key — for now.

“But he’s not keeping Diana’s dignity intact out of any sense of chivalry,” said an insider familiar with Diana’s notes.

“I believe there’s a chance some revelations could get him killed!

“The biggest bombshell is Diana admitting, ‘Yes, it’s true. Harry is your son.’

“It’s clear they had already talked about the possibility — and from the note, the Princess seems happy James is her younger son’s father.”

Speculation about Harry’s paternity has been rampant since he was a kid. He looks nothing like Charles — but is an uncanny look-alike for Hewitt, with his long face, strong jaw and red hair!

The ENQUIRER also recently revealed that evil Camilla has taunted Harry and told him she can prove Charles isn’t his father!

Hewitt has acknowledged he had a five-year affair with Diana. It was believed they weren’t intimate until 1986, two years after Harry’s birth.

But, 10 years ago, Hewitt revealed he first bedded Diana in 1982!

“No wonder Diana believed Charles ‘will want me dead’ if he found out about Harry’s paternity,” said the insider.

“She warned James that Charles was a terribly dangerous man.”

In the letters, Diana — who divorced Charles in 1996 — doesn’t hold back about rival Camilla who was married when she became Charles’ mistress and is now the prince’s second wife.

“Diana hated her,” said the spy. “She wrote, ‘Camilla disgusts me.’

“She said she treated her as a friend. But Camilla paid her back by playing ‘Spanking Nanny and Naughty Schoolboy’ with her husband in his study.

‘I know. I caught them red-handed,’ she said. ‘Camilla is rude and ugly.’”

Diana, however, saves her biggest barbs for Charles, telling Hewitt: “He’s two-faced and weak and doesn’t know how to please a woman!”

But the letters also reveal how much Diana cared for her military man.

“She was madly in love with James and would do anything for him,” said the insider. “She loved sex, but it was the intimacy Diana craved most!”

Incredibly, Hewitt, through an intermediary, gave Princes William and Harry the first right of refusal for the batch of letters that’s up for sale via an American memorabilia dealer.

The lot, expected to fetch $150,000 at auction, includes a note from an 8-year-old William!

“Both brothers are enraged,” said the insider. “To some, it smacks of blackmail. Hewitt should be very careful — he’s playing with fire!”

However, it’s not the first time Hewitt has tried hawking Diana’s love notes.

As previously reported by The ENQUIRER, Hewitt has tried before to sell his entire collection of Di’s love letters.

At the time, there were no takers.

“But that was before the princess died in the violent car crash in Paris,” said the insider.

“Since she perished in 1997, the market for Di memorabilia has exploded!

“Diana must be rolling in her grave.”