Palace Intrigue!

Princes Reveal Evil Charles Is Nuts!

William and Harry plan to reveal their father killed Lady Di!

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Princes William and Harry are secretly plotting to destroy Prince Charles!

The brothers are desperately trying to convince top-level advisors that their father is insane — and can never be allowed anywhere near the throne!

“The princes call him a buffoon and a disaster waiting to happen,” said an insider.

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“They say Charles laughs like a maniac when things go wrong instead of being sympathetic. He talks to his trees and plants – and listens to them!

“He even lies on the floor of his country house, Highgrove, to eavesdrop on visitors as they pass his windows!

“’Eccentric’ isn’t a strong enough word for Charles – they call him a Clown Prince!”

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But far worse, William, 33, and Harry, 31, blame him for their mother’s death in a Paris car wreck in 1997!

“They believe there was a plot to murder Diana — and Charles was behind it,” said the source.

“That’s why they had her body secretly exhumed from her island grave for a new autopsy. They’re still awaiting the results, but Diana’s own words that Charles was planning to kill her by ‘an accident in my car, brake failure and serious head injury’ have them convinced.

“They hate Charles. They want him exposed — and sent into royal exile!”