He Wants Privacy!

Prince Harry’s Pain Over Princess Diana’s Death Is Reason Behind Birth Secrecy

He hates the press!

Prince Harry Pain Over Princess Diana Death Reason Behind Birth Secrecy
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Prince Harry’s unrelenting pain over his mother’s death is the secret reason behind his ban on immediately sharing news of his baby’s birth with the world.

The 34-year-old royal developed a hatred of the world’s media so fierce after his mom, Princess Diana, was killed in a paparazzi chase he detests sharing anyone with them, insiders say. And his move to defy royal protocol by posing with his wife, Meghan Markle, on the steps of a maternity ward — as his mom did with he and his brother Prince William — is said to be his way of giving “two fingers” to the global Press.

A palace insider said: “Harry physically fought with the Press after his mum’s death and he has always hated sharing things with them. The announcement that he and Meghan are going to keep the news of their baby’s birth secret from the world, and their refusal to pose outside hospital with the child, is his way of taking revenge on photographers and media.”

The source continued, “He still blames photographers for ‘hounding’ his mother to death — even though she manipulated the media for her own ends. And he hates the Press for exposing his parting and racist and drugs scandals over the years.”

But insiders warn the move could “backfire” and prompt the usually respectful U.K. media to begin to print stories on Harry they have withheld out of respect to the royals. One source said: “There is a treasure revive of royal scandal stories on Harry that have been held by the British media as they thought they were insensitive, and by and large they like to work with the palace.” They continued, “But this snub over Harry’s baby could cause him real headaches as a lot of papers could decide it’s time to print them if he’s not playing ball over his baby.”

The insider added, “Harry knows a picture of his child helps sell papers and magazines and by withholding it and refusing to pose for the now traditional maternity ward steps shot, he’s playing with fire. Even his mum would have advised against this move.”

Harry was supported in his decision by Meghan, 37, who is understood to be intent on sharing the first image of her and Harry’s baby on Instagram. Pals of the duchess say she loves the fact she will be able to have control over the image on Instagram and will have a team of stylists and make up artists to help her create the shot — even though she will make it seem as natural as possible as she wants to appeal to “real” moms.