Prince Harry Cocaine Scandal!

Harry cocaine scandal ne short

Britain’s royal bad boy Prince Harry is at the center of two EXPLOSIVE new drug scandals that have plunged Buckingham Palace into crisis!

The 31-year-old ginger heartthrob has been linked to an alleged $107 million cocaine smuggling plot, with a close friend accused of being involved in the transportation of 1.5 tons of the killer drug.

That friend is Fidelio Cavalli — who vacationed with Harry last year aboard a private yacht and regularly attends polo matches with the rebellious royal!

“The Queen is frantic and embarrassed,” a palace insider confided to The National ENQUIRER.

Cavalli leased a private jet used in the attempted smuggling operation to transport 47 bags of the drugs, disguised as aide from the International Red Cross, cops have alleged.

Though there is no indication that Harry knew anything about the smuggling conspiracy, “Her Majesty is furious Harry is good friends with people who are linked to drugs, and has ordered a full review of her grandson’s inner circle!”

If that wasn’t bad enough, a week earlier the prince was caught smoking and passing a suspicious-looking cigarette!

These world exclusive ENQUIRER photos show Harry laughing and taking a puff among friends during a wild night out celebrating his 31st birthday!

“Prince Charles is on the warpath,” said the insider. “He’s furious that his son’s bodyguards can’t keep him away from ‘the wrong crowd.’

“The royals can ill afford a repeat of what happened in Las Vegas three years ago.”

As The ENQUIRER exposed, secret cell phone pictures revealed Harry naked in a hotel suite, bending over and giving a topless girl a “bear hug” — complete with bare bottom!

Charles ordered aides to spend up to $10 million to buy the photos, video clips -— and most important — the silence of the beauty involved!

“The royals are working hard to downplay the scandals and make sure Harry stays on the straight and narrow,” added The ENQUIRER source. “Guards are instructed to get Harry out of any clubs if he has too much to drink. They don’t want anything going wrong to shame their blue blood!”