Prince Harry Paternity Bombshell

Prince harry ne short

Camilla Parker Bowles has completely gone off the rails—taunting Prince Harry that she can prove her husband, Prince Charles, is NOT the redhead’s real father!

Furious Camilla dropped the bombshell on Harry, 31, after he dared to confront her about her vicious attacks on his brother William’s beautiful wife, Kate, an insider reveals.

“Harry and his sister-in-law are extremely close,” said the source. “He loves her very much and it breaks his heart to see Camilla ripping Kate apart at every opportunity.

“He knows his evil stepmother is constantly calling Kate ‘a mere commoner.’

"Harry told her bluntly her attacks have to stop, adding, ‘She’s more regal than YOU’LL ever be!’

“That’s when Camilla shot back, ‘Get off your high horse — you’re not even a real royal! You’re the product of one of your mother’s flings!’

“Camilla really skewered him. She knows Harry’s very insecure about his paternity due to the color of his hair, which is unusual in the Royal Family.”

For years, Harry’s been dogged by talk his father is actually James Hewitt, a dashing cavalry officer who swept Princess Diana off her feet while she was still married to Charles—with The ENQUIRER recently catching James peddling Di's old love letters for cash!

Certainly, the similarity between Harry and his mother’s forbidden lover is undeniable. Prince Harry and James both have long faces and thin, wide mouths.

They also have similar straight and pointed noses, along with sharing red-tinged hair!

“Harry’s likeness to Hewitt is incredible,” said a palace source. “From the light reddish brown hair to the eyes and body language, the similarities are uncanny.”

Royal observers note even Harry’s career choice is remarkably similar to Hewitt’s.

While Prince Charles was an officer in the Royal Navy, and Prince William trained with the Royal Air Force search and rescue team, Harry opted for the British army — following in the footsteps of Hewitt, who was a tank commander in the first Gulf War.

For a long time, military man Hewitt acknowledged he had a five-year affair with Diana — but it was believed they didn’t become intimate until 1986.

Harry was born in 1984.

Then 10 years ago, Hewitt dropped the bombshell that he first bedded Diana in 1982!

“That got the ‘who’s-your-daddy’ debate all fired up again,” said the insider.

“Harry got so sick of it, he wanted his father to take a DNA test. He hasn’t pushed the point because of the incredible fallout if he turns out not to be Charles’ legitimate son.”

The source said Camilla knows the whole question causes Harry deep pain and used it against him with glee.

“If there’s one thing she knows, it’s how to hurt people,” says the insider.

“She told him Charles has privately confessed to her he knows Hewitt is Harry’s father — and if Harry doesn’t believe her, she’ll find a way to get the DNA test done herself!”