Mike Walker

Prince George Seizes Command Of Prince William’s Long Pants

Young royal's rebellion against Kate Middleton's sense of style!

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Mike Walker reports… Proud Prince George just proved it — he can wear the pants in the family!

Like most sprouting lads, the Royal Princeling desperately despised the “baby shorts” chosen for him by Kate Middleton and Prince William!

Instead, the beloved prince began plotting for ways to ditch them and dive into something more Daddy-ish — and finally executed his clever palace plan!

Chortled My Royal Spy, Lord Knows: “It was the cutest, most hilarious sight to behold!

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“Up he popped for early breakfast, self-dressed in royal daddy Prince William’s trousers!

“He’d snatched a pair of Papa’s khakis, managed to fold the leg hems many times over — then looped a jump rope around his waist like a belt!

“It was truly rather genius, and Georgie’s parents were quite impressed with their little prince’s ingenuity!