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Prince’s $300 Million Fortune — Sheila E. Fights For Control

His ex-lover takes on mess of a family!

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Who’s going to step in with Prince  dead and his empire in chaos?

His longtime bandmate and former lover Sheila E!

RadarOnline.com has the full story on how Sheila (seen above at Prince’s funeral with bassist Larry Graham) is stepping up to keep Prince’s sister Tyka from running his estate into the ground!

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“Sheila wants to protect his legacy at all cost,” an inside told Radar, “but it seems unlikely that the family will go for it!”

That’s even with sources revealing that Sheila “offered to do it for no charge!”

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Radar had the scoop when a court granted Tyka the right to be executor of the estate after it was determined her brother had never drawn up a will.

But there’s expected to be a lot of infighting amongst Tyka and her five half-brothers and sisters as Prince’s estate tries to survive his own family!

Get the full story on Sheila E.’s struggle to save Prince’s fortune at RadarOnline.com!