Mike Walker

Prince Charles’ Horror Over Royal Ghosts

Spooked over Buckingham Palace move!

prince charles buckingham castle ghosts

Mike Walker reports… Ignore that Brit blah-blah that Prince Charles and Camilla keep spewing about why they won’t replace retiring Mummy Queen Elizabeth and move into legendary Buckingham Palace, and maybe make a few bucks turning it into a museum!

Their real cray-cray reason ain’t quibbling over quid, tittered Palace Tattlers … it’s Prince Charles’ long-held belief that ghosts and goblins haunt the palace’s 775 regal rooms!

Camilla’s Sex Secrets — How She Stole Charles From Diana!

Hissed My Royal Rat: “Charles just wants to stay away — thinking he’ll never get a night’s sleep at Queen Mum’s castle!

“He and Camilla are perfectly happy remaining at their fancy Clarence House digs, without having to worry about spirits like ancient Queen Victoria — and whomevah — clinking and clanking through Bucks bedchambers during darkest night!”