Prince Charles & Andrew Fight For Throne!

Prince Andrew at Scott's restaurant, London, UK - 28 Mar 2017
Blitz Pictures/Shutterstock

Prince Charles and his kid brother Andrew were once a locked in a fight over claims to the throne that was so bitter their mom Queen Elizabeth had to break it up.

The bizarre battle occurred when the royals gathered at Her Majesty’s Sandringham Estate for Christmas 1999.

As heir to the throne, older Charles, then 51, was assigned a special suite and bathroom, but resentful Andrew, 39, put his toiletries in it anyway.

“Andrew took the bathroom that was allocated for the Prince of Wales and he wouldn’t budge and refused to take his stuff out,” recalls former maid Janette McGowan.

“It turned into a bizarre stand-off.”

Finally, the queen “had to have words with Andrew and say to him that he had to use the other bathroom. That was when he finally backed down.”

Now the Duke of York is in hot water with his family again. Andrew has been stripped of all royal and military honors after being accused of raping American pervert Jeffrey Epstein’s teenage sex slave. Andrew denies the charge.