Prince Andrew on FBI Hot Seat!

Prince Andrew Visits the Town of Tadcaster, Britain - 07 Jan 2016
Ian Hinchliffe/Shutterstock

After settling his sex abuse lawsuit, Prince Andrew is being pressured to spill his guts to the FBI on everything he knows about his late sex trafficking pal Jeffrey Epstein, sources tell GLOBE.

The two-faced prince thought he was off the hook and wouldn’t have to reveal all in a deposition after paying an estimated $16 million hush-money settlement to Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a former Epstein sex slave who claims then 41-year-old Andrew raped her when she was 17 in 2001.

While Andrew, 62, admitted no wrongdoing, he vows to help sex abuse victims as part of the deal.

But as GLOBE has reported, the disgraced duke has been stonewalling the FBI for more than a year while claiming he wants to cooperate.

“Andrew has denied knowing anything about Epstein’s abuse of underage girls even though he partied with the creep for more than a dozen years and stayed at his homes in New York, Paris and the Virgin Islands,” says a royal source.

“He figured the settlement would end this nightmare. But he’s still under pressure to talk — and his mother, Queen Elizabeth, and brother Charles want him to spill his guts and end the royal nightmare.”

American lawyers Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom, who represent some of Epstein’s victims, are slamming Andrew as a hypocrite about his promise to fight “the evils of sex trafficking” while refusing to interview with the FBI.

“It is long overdue for him to agree to answer their questions about what he knows and observed about Jeffrey Epstein and underage girls,” says Allred.

“For him to suggest he will become an advocate against sex trafficking of underage girls while at the same time declining to provide law enforcement with answers is meaningless and hypocritical. It is simply a face-saving public relations gesture.”

Blasts Bloom: “If he is going to live up to his promise to support victims, his first call should be to the FBI. Will he do it? Obviously not.”

But the FBI isn’t going away, the source says, so “Andrew’s sex scandal will continue to haunt the monarchy.”