In the midst of his courageous cancer battle, Patrick Swayze suffered a frightening heart attack, The ENQUIRER reports exclusively.

The shocking discovery was made during a routine appointment with his doctors – and it created a terrible dilemma for the star and his doctors.

The very drugs that were fighting his cancer might have triggered the attack – leaving doctors with a potential life-or-death decision. Should they end the chemotherapy to protect his heart or continue his treatment regimen to slow the cancer’s progress and hopefully extend his life?

Patrick’s doctors discovered he had a heart attack during a checkup and he was shocked, according to a Swayze family insider.

The 56-year-old actor had been in so much pain and on various medications that he never would have thought he was having a heart attack. He attributed all his symptoms to the cancer or its treatment.

"After the doctor told him, Patrick was floored," said the family insider.

"He knew his cancer would never be cured, but was encouraged at the way he was responding to treatment.

"Then came the heart attack!"

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