MICHAEL JACKSON’s 14-year-old daughter PARIS has reignited her family’s furious feud – enraging her aunts and uncles by announcing she doesn’t want to be known as the King of Pop’s daughter!

They’re so angry with Michael’s rebellious teen that “they’ve discussed sending her off to boarding school,” revealed a source close to the family.

In an incredibly candid inter­view, outspoken Paris Jackson, who wants an acting career, told “Glamour” magazine she loves her dad but “I just don’t think the title ‘M.J.’s daughter’ fits me.

“A lot of people think he’s the only reason I’m making it, but I want to show that I do have talent and that I can make it if I try. I want to be my own person.”

The high school student has already landed her first movie role in “Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys,” in which she plays a young heroine in a modern-day fantasy adventure.

But a source close to the fam­ily told The ENQUIRER: “Paris is ungrateful and disrespectful to her father’s legacy, and she’s completely delusional to think she would be famous if she wasn’t Michael’s daughter. Even her grandmother Katherine, her big­gest supporter, was taken aback by her harsh comments.”

Strong-willed Paris found herself in the center of a family feud in July when she thought her legal guardian, 82-year-old Katherine, who had disappeared for a week, was kidnapped. She went public – accusing her fam­ily of lying about the health of her grandmother, who was later found safe in Arizona.

Now her family feels Paris’ lat­est remarks are “a complete slap in the face.”

Said the source: “Michael must be spinning in his grave.”