One Last Shot!

Pamela Smart Is Begging to Be Let Out of Prison

'Without executive intervention, I will die in prison.'

Pamela Smart Wants Out of Prison
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Well it looks like she’s had enough of her cell. Pamela Smart, who is currently serving a life sentence after she was convicted of being an accomplice to her husband’s killing 28 years ago, is begging the governor of New Hampshire, Chris Sununi, to get her out of prison.

According to News 9, legal documents have been submitted, including a letter from Smart, 51, to Sununu, as she has already exhausted all other options in hopes of leaving prison. “Dear Governor Sununu, I am writing to humbly request your mercy and compassion,” the infamous convict wrote in the note. “Without executive intervention, I will die in prison.” She continued, “When I was 22 years old, I made the worst mistake of my life,” adding, that her mistake was becoming “romantically involved with Bill Flynn [her 15-year-old lover at the time].”

“I never wanted, nor asked, Mr. Flynn to murder Gregg [Smart],” she said.

Smart’s attorney, Robert Juceam, attempted to clear the matter, saying, “She is not looking for a pardon, not looking to be declared innocent.” He added that his client doesn’t want the verdict changed, but the sentence, so that she has a chance to go before a parole board. “She is charged and convicted of being an accomplice, and she’s in for life. To put it another way, she’s sentenced to die in prison,” Juceam said.

Back in 1990, Flynn pulled the trigger that killed Smart’s husband, although he had help from three other of his teen friends. All of them were convicted, but they have since been released from prison, with Flynn being let go in 2015 after 25 years behind bars.

Smart mentioned the crime in the letter, saying, “The two people who forced Gregg to his knees in our home with a knife to his throat when I was not there and stood over him as he was shot in his head are now both free on parole, as are others who played a role in Gregg’s murder … I am praying that you withhold judgement until you and the Executive Councilors read my pleas and that mercy, compassion and fairness will guide your decision.”

She added, “Gregg’s giving and loving spirit was my inspiration for doing so and the motivation for my survival.”

Sununu has heard her pleas, as he tells the news outlet, “We have a process in New Hampshire that’s a good process. It’s a fair process that allows people to come forward before the governor and Executive Council, and if the council chooses to do that, we’ll do it.”

This isn’t the first time Smart has wanted out, as she once launched an online petition in a bid to win a pardon. “I will never give up fighting because I have already lost 25 years of my life for a crime I never committed,” she wrote in a letter obtained exclusively by The National ENQUIRER.