Sexbomb PAM missed nookie with her ex-cookie but now they’re back together — doing the horizontal mambo.

 ALMOST six years after they were married in a quickie Las Vegas wedding, Pam Anderson and her ex-hubby Rick Salomon are back together – and sources say it’s because Pam missed the sex!

“Pam and Rick have been quietly seeing each other since at least April,” said a source close to the former “Baywatch” babe. “They’ve known each other for more than 20 years, and she says that sex is still terrific with Rick.

“They’ve hooked up a lot in the past few months.”

Salomon, a high-stakes poker player, 44, is best known for appearing with his then-girlfriend Paris Hilton in the 2003 sex tape, “1 Night in Paris.”

Pam, 46, and Rick were recently photo­graphed going out for ice cream in Malibu with Pam’s son Dylan, 15, who’s from her marriage to rocker Tommy Lee.

“It’s a very comfortable relation­ship,” said the source. “There’s no pressure as neither of them are eager to tie the knot again – with each other or anyone else.”

Pam and Rick got married Oct. 6, 2007, at Las Vegas’ Mirage Hotel.

As The ENQUIRER report­ed at the time, the REAL reason they did it was because they were shopping a reality show that in­cluded the wedding and the couple’s red-hot honeymoon.

But those plans eventually fizzled – and so did the marriage. By March 2008, the union was annulled after both cited fraud.

Pam has previously been married to Lee and rocker Kid Rock, while Rick has also been married twice.

“Pam and Rick be­lieve their relation­ship could last this time,” added the source, “as long as they don’t get hitched again!”