Leave it to Pam Anderson – to flaunt flesh on TV.

The Baywatch babe was taping a seg for Osbournes Reloaded (everyone except Ozzie) when during a skit her two famous assets came spilling out from the top of her skimpy dress.

"The Osbournes blindfold themselves and ask the guest questions to guess who they are," an eyewitness revealed. "Pam was sprawled on the stage, but when she got up, the top half of her dress completely flopped forward exposing everything."

But the blindfolded Osbourne clan (not to be confused with the Osmonds) missed the mammary malfunction.

"They heard it all and were very confused."

Pam’s rep made it all seem less exciting than it was for lucky fans in the TV audience, "As far as I saw, she remained properly covered and nothing was revealed to the audience."

Proof’s on tape and no doubt the blooper will be aired at some indeterminate point – like when the show’s ratings need more than a lift.