Oprah Winfrey’s Secrets And Lies Over Long Lost Son!

Oprah and son Calvin Mitchell

Oprah Winfrey has been caught spinning the truth about her “secret son” after their heartbreaking reunion was reported by The National ENQUIRER!

In a bombshell exclusive, we detailed how the media mogul tried to adopt Calvin Mitchell in the ’90s, but then coldly abandoned him when he failed to live up to her high standards.

The TV titan confirmed in a recent interview with “Entertainment Tonight” that she became devoted to Calvin when he was just 11 and approached her on a Chicago movie set.

But Oprah told “ET” that she decided against meeting with Calvin, now 35, because The ENQUIRER had arranged their reunion outside a New York City theater on Oct. 15.

But that’s miles from the truth!

Oprah, 61, conveniently failed to tell “ET” that she’s repeatedly brushed off Calvin over the years!

Back in 2009, the suicidal Illinois truck driver managed to approach Oprah when she sponsored a free concert along Chicago’s Michigan Ave.

After he slipped through security, Oprah told Calvin to give his phone number to one of her bodyguards.

He did, but Oprah never called him! After that, Calvin left repeated messages for the talk show queen at her Harpo Studios. But she continued to snub him.

Finally, Calvin came to The ENQUIRER, hoping to ask Oprah why she severed ties with him when he was just 17 and attending a private school, for which Oprah was paying the fees before he began to feel homesick and dropped out.

“The only reason I went to the media was because it was the only way I could get her attention,” the father of two admitted. “I wanted to ask Oprah, ‘Why did you leave me? Why did you leave me?’”

Oprah, however, painted a far different picture to “ET” on Oct. 29, describing how she generously helped out Calvin and his family, but he refused to accept the education she offered him.

But the truth is hard-nosed Oprah coldly snubbed him once again, citing Calvin’s appeal to The ENQUIRER as an excuse to abandon him yet again!

In another heartbreak for tragic Calvin, Oprah’s father, Vernon Winfrey, has also shunned his “secret grandson.”

“I’m all right if I don’t meet him,” Vernon told The ENQUIRER. “It doesn’t matter!”