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Oprah Winfrey & Kirstie Alley’s Big Fat Weight Loss Schemes!

America’s biggest diet gurus using other ways to shed the pounds.

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Showbiz heavyweights Kirstie Alley and Oprah Winfrey are locked in a battle to be Hollywood’s top diet expert, but a National ENQUIRER investigation uncovered shocking revelations that their past pound-peeling schemes were just shameless shams!

Currently, Oprah is a spokesgal for Weight Watchers, a program she has credited for a 15-pound slim down.

At the same time, yo-yo dieter Kirstie is hawking Jenny Craig, a fat-shedding program she said sucked 50 pounds off her body. But an exclusive ENQUIRER probe found both stars have been slammed as weight fakers in the past!

Kirstie, 65, recently reemerged svelte after vanishing from the public eye for nine months!

Back in 2004, the 5-foot-7 “Fat Actress” was accused of agonizing over “stomach stapling” as a last resort to slim down from her then morbidly obese 300-pound body.

Three years later, a published report speculated Kirstie had turned to stomach and thigh lipo to further shed pounds!

Kirstie denied the accusations and her rep insisted to The ENQUIRER that her present weight loss is the result of the Jenny Craig program and she underwent no surgery.

A source said Kirstie now has dropped 120 pounds in the past few years but the former “Cheers” beauty is a notorious “yo-yo dieter,” who could soon pack the pounds back on, added the source.

Top New York medical expert Dr. Stuart Fischer, who has not treated Kirstie, told The ENQUIRER: “Yo-yo dieting wreaks havoc on your metabolism. Don’t even do it once — Kirstie is in danger of serious health issues!”

She’s also been in serious legal hot water over her previous weight loss plan.

As we first reported in 2012, a failed dieter clobbered Kirstie’s Organic Liaison company with a lawsuit claiming her diet products were “nothing more than a healthy deception.”

Fed-up Marina Abramyan filed the action against Kirstie’s company claiming she bought nearly $200 of the products, but got none of the promised benefits. Following a legal battle, Kirstie settled the claims by agreeing to make changes to the language of her weight loss products, noted a source.

Meanwhile, 62-year-old Oprah’s new 15-pound loss — after shedding another 50 in recent years — may be due to hard work in the gym and Weight Watchers, but she’s been blasted in the past for so-called “diet lies,” including the use of pills.

Oprah has also denied the many rumors of stomach stapling — but sources said she underwent $50,000 worth of plastic surgery, including lipo, to erase her fleshy flaws.

In 2003, Oprah allegedly went in for another $100,000 worth of treatments including liposuction on her butt, stomach, arms, chin and breasts.

“Oprah looks as if she’s possibly had some plastic surgery to slim down her neck and add definition to her cheekbones,” Dr. Alan Matarasso, New York’s plastic surgeon to the stars, explained to The ENQUIRER.

Oprah’s weight has also been a roller-coaster ride!

“She’s been as heavy as 275 pounds — but her pattern is to balloon, then slim down, then balloon again,” the source told The ENQUIRER.

Oprah’s new Weight Watchers deal gives her 10 percent of the company’s stock — worth a whopping $70 million on a day back in October!

Now, sources believe the stars will eventually be roly-poly again and their diet deals will blow up in their faces.

“Oprah’s going to be slammed for living a big, fat lie!” an insider claimed to The ENQUIRER.

“She and Kirstie are in the same boat — they’re both weight cheats.”