Made In D.C.?

Wedding Bells For Gayle King

Oprah's very close pal is hooking up with an eligible bachelor!

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Oprah Winfrey’s suspected lesbian lover Gayle King has reignited her romance with Senator Cory Booker — and now they’re talking marriage!

“Gayle realizes that, after keeping Stedman Graham around for 30 years, Oprah is always going to have him by her side. Gayle wants a partner, too,” an insider said — adding Gayle doesn’t want to “die alone.”

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Gayle, 61, was first linked to Cory in 2013, but now they are getting serious.

“Gayle and Cory make each other laugh,” detailed the source.

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Divorced mom-of-two Gayle believes Cory — who’s also been dogged by talk that he’s gay — “is a fantastic catch.”

“Besides that,” the spy spilled, “Cory and Gayle would both like to put to rest the rumors about them being gay. Tying the knot would be a great solution.”