Obama Tells Joe: It’s Time to go!

US President Joe Biden, with Vice President Kamala Harris and former President Barack Obama, delivers remarks on the Affordable Care Act, Washington, Usa - 05 Apr 2022

Former President Barack Obama’s celebrated return to the White House was a pointed message to the embattled current commander in chief, Joe Biden, telling the frequently dazed 79-year-old to abandon his bid for reelection for the sake of the Democratic Party, insiders dish.

Obama, 60, visited his onetime Washington, D.C., digs on April 5 — nine months after Biden snubbed his posh Martha’s Vineyard birthday bash — to tout the 12th anniversary of his legacy legislation, the Affordable Care Act. The event was meant to highlight the struggling Biden administration’s tweaks to the health reform law, also known as Obamacare. But onlookers say humiliated Biden looked despondent and ignored as his own staffers fawned over the ex-prez!

One Beltway insider notes the debacle highlighted how much more highly regarded Barack is among Democrats than bumbling Biden!

Texas-based political pundit Alex Stein says, “Nobody in the party believes Biden is up to the job, and Obama was REALLY there to quietly make Joe realize his time is done after his four-year term is up in 2024!”

Biden’s botched military pullout from Afghanistan, the rampaging COVID-19 pandemic and soaring inflation have given the besieged president one black eye after another.

He’s also watched America’s enemies in North Korea and China expand their military arsenals and Vladimir Putin’s Russian butchers invade Ukraine.

Meanwhile, accusations against Biden’s son Hunter, 52, continue to fuel speculation the recovering crack addict leveraged his father’s influence to score big-buck deals with questionable foreign nationals!

“Anything that could go wrong has gone wrong under Biden’s watch,” observes Stein.

Pundits expect the Democrats to be devastated in the upcoming midterm congressional elections — especially with Biden’s approval rating at a dismal 
39 percent!

“The whole party is dying for him to step aside to give the Democrats a chance of winning the next presidential election!” Stein says.