Obama, Corzine

Disgraced  financier JON CORZINE who’s “What Me Worry” tactics sunk MF Global, is still OBAMA’s ”go to guy” to raise money to re-elect the President.   

The ex- head of MF Global,  former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine told a congressional committee he had no clue of what happened to $1.2 billion of his Wall Street clients’ money  following the $6.3 billion collapse last fall of the brokerage firm Corzine ran.

Torpedoed by Corzine risking everything on European debt, MF sunk into oblivion.

But an audit couldn’t account for $1.2 billion, suggesting Corzine may have illegally mixed client funds with the company’s own.

The Wall Street Journal reported investigators believe a “significant amount” of the monies may have been “vaporized” by chaotic MF Global trading.

But it hasn’t stopped Corzine from continuing to raise tons of cash for the Obama-Biden re-election campaign — more than $500,000, according to the official web site.

That makes Corzine one of the president’s biggest “volunteer fundraisers” in the nation.

When Obama first entered The White House– and before Corzine’s financial ruin — he told press Corzine was his “go-to guy” for financial advice and there was speculation among DC insiders that Corzine might be named Obama’s Treasury secretary.

And while Obama would now like to publicly distance himself of his past confidence in the one-time financial wizard evidently Team Obama has NO problem in taking money from Corzine — and his super-wealthy pals.