Crisis in Chicago court as disgraced politico, former Gov.ROD BLAGOJEVICH‘s secret attempt to subpoena President OBAMA to testify in his corruption trial, has leaked.

The judge presiding over the corruption case against Blago summoned both prosecution and defense attorneys to chambers last night after supposedly sealed information was released to the public in a defense filing seeking to subpoena President Barack Obama.

Blagojevich’s attorneys filed a motion yesterday requesting the president give testimony for the upcoming scandal trial.

The leaked filing contained several paragraphs that had been redacted – blacked out  — because sensitive details had been sealed by court order.

But, in the electronic version of the motion, savvy computer users copied and pasted the blacked out text into a separate word document which revealed the passages in an unredacted version.

Blagojevich has plead not guilty to charges accusing him of scheming to sell or trade Obama’s Senate seat left vacant by his election to the presidency.

In the sealed documents, Obama was interviewed for two hours by prosecutors and FBI agents regarding the case.  Defense attorneys then filed a motion asking for all transcripts, notes and reports from that interview.

The motion said that the defense never received the documents

In addition, the motion said that Blagojevich met a labor union official whom he believed to be an Obama contact, telling him Blago would appoint a certain candidate to the vacant Senate seat.

The motion also alleges that in return for his favored appointee, Blagojevich expected to be named secretary of Health and Human Services.

The reason the motion was filed two months prior to Blago’s trial for allegedly trying to sell them Sen. Obama’s Senate seat for political and monetary gain is that while the labor union official is expected to be a prosecution witness, his story has been contradicted by several public statements by Obama.

With that in mind, Blagojevich’s defense team wants to subpoena Obama.

If the judge does allow Bam to testify, don’t expect to see him in a Chicago courthouse any time soon.  His deposition would be taken, under oath, in the Oval Office and jurors would see the testimony on video.